Battle of the Books


Am 29.5.2013 fand zum ersten Mal ein „Battle of the Books“ an der B.M.V.-Schule Essen statt. 45 Mädchen des 9. Jahrgangs traten in Gruppen von jeweils vier Schülerinnen gegeneinander an, und bewiesen vor einer Jury ihre Kenntnisse des Inhalts von insgesamt acht ausgewählten Jugendbüchern. Sie mussten Fragen beantworten und selber Teile der Bücher kreativ umschreiben. Andere Klassen waren zum Zuschauen eingeladen. Gleichzeitig wurde in der Schule englisch-amerikanisches Essen im Rahmen eines „British-American Day“ angeboten.


Hier ein Beispiel für einen kreativen Beitrag der Schülerinnen:

Harry Potter meets Percy Jackson and they talk about their lives as the sons of famous people. Write their dialogue!  

Lina Lawrence(TV presenter): Good evening! Welcome to our famous talk show “Who are you today?” This week our topic is: The children of heroes! Please greet my fairylike assistant Scarlet!

Scarlet enters * Applause *

Scarlet: Hello everybody!
LL: Welcome! And now a great cheer for our famous guests! Here comes the boy whose parents were killed when he was a baby by you-know-who-I-am-talking-about. But he is still alive and now he is here. Harry Potter!            

Harry Potter enters * Applause * sits down

LL: Our second guest is the famous half-blood, the son of the sea god Poseidon. The one who saved the world. Percy Jackson!            

Percy Jackson enters * Applause * sits down

LL: So Harry, tell us something about your story!
HP: Well, I had a horrible childhood. I grew up at my uncle’ s house. I had to live in a small wardrobe under the stairs. They hated me. And every time I asked them about my parents, they just said they had died in a car accident. But fortunately I came to Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft. Here I learn to perform magic. In this world everybody accepts me and I’ m a hero.
LL: What about you, Percy?
PJ: My childhood wasn’ t that good either. I was thrown out of plenty of boarding schools. I’ m dyslexic because my brain is trained to read ancient Greek. With twelve years I came to “Half-Blood Camp”, where I live with other children of gods. In this world everybody accepts me and I’ m a hero.
Scarlet: Here we can see the difficult situation of being a hero. And living as a hero in the normal world is not always easy!
LL: And now it is time for our daily question!            

Scarlet goes to a pot and fetches a piece of paper *

S: “How do the lives of your parents affect your lives?”
PJ: Well, I have often asked myself who my dad is. I think about what he is like and about the many things we could do together. Maybe go to Mellboury Beach and swim or just have a talk. But although he isn’ t here, I can sense his presence. I’m not sure who he is but I remember his smile.
HP: It was similar with me. I got to know my parents, but I was very small so I can’ t really remember. Why did they die and not me? Not only my parents, but also my mother’ s love saved me.
PJ: That’ s my experience, too. Because she sacrificed her life and we stayed with Gale, the furies didn’ t attack me.
HP: Don’ t you sometimes think that you need to be as brave as your parents? If I have the chance to revenge my parents’  death, I will destroy Voldemort because he took my chance to live in a real loving family.
PJ: Fortunately, I live with my mother’ s love. But I’ ve got another problem. As my father is a god, I am scared that he may have high demands which I cannot fulfil.
HP: But I think your father is very proud of you, because you returned Zeus’s  lightening bolt and saved the world with the help of your friends.
PJ: And you managed to defeat Voldemort with the help of your friends!
LL: Although you are both orphans, both of you have experienced the power of friendship.
S: And none of you is forced to follow in his parents’  footsteps.
LL: What a wonderful emotional ending! Let’ s meet again after a short commercial break.  

(Johanna Weitemeier, Marlene David, Victoria Ahrens, Johanna Tolzmann, 9e, BMV-Schule Essen)